Maui Powerhouse Gym is a Participant in the Active and Fit Program! Please Visit the Front Desk to Activate your Active and Fit Membership Today! 

Affordable Memberships and Attractive Visitor Rates

We are so proud to be a part of this small community here on Maui. We consider ourselves Maui's foremost provider of fitness and wellness, and we pride ourselves on always paying attention to the needs of the members, maintaining the facility and the equipment, and being helpful within the community.

Outside of the Active and Fit Program (see below), our rate schedule is a balancing act between flexibility and commitment on the part of the member or guest. If you are a permanent resident of Maui, your most affordable option is to purchase a paid in full membership. If you are unsure of your commitment to a fit lifestyle or may only be on Maui for a few months, then you may want a membership with more flexibility which comes with slightly more cost per month. 

If you are a resident of Hawaii or have health insurance based in the State of Hawaii, you should call us or your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for a membership in the Active and Fit Program. The Active and Fit Program provides subsidized memberships for eligible participants at fitness centers in Hawaii, and may reduce your annual payments significantly.

If you are joining long term outside of insurance, your most cost-effective move would be to join with a Paid In Full Membership for either 6 or 12 months. In return for your promise to pay us up front, we agree to reduce our standard monthly rate. Living on an island, we are all understanding of the necessity to travel for a month or two so we created an easy-to-use Freeze Policy that allows our members to extend their memberships during brief periods of non-use for a nominal monthly fee.

If you are joining long term, and are more interested in flexibility, then the Month to Month Agreements are where you belong. The Standard Monthly Rate at Maui Powerhouse Gym is $63 per month plus the $39 processing fee which we pay to establish your monthly billing account, and the $40 initiation fee which we use as a contribution into our annual infrastructure improvement account.

That monthly payment amount can be knocked down in a variety of manners. We offer an industry discount based on employers of certain local business who have pledged to maintain a membership base with us. When signing up, ask the desk staff if you qualify. Additionally, many employers now foot the bill for their staff's membership at Powerhouse. We are glad to coordinate with your employer to make arrangements with you.  

If you are willing to commit for a year but would prefer to maintain cash flexibility, we offer a one-year contract with 12 monthly payments of $53 with the additional processing fee of $39. This monthly payment can also be reduced based on the same terms above based on your membership type (corporate, employer, family, or military). 



Visitor Rates


Aloha, all visitors to Maui! We welcome all visitors to this beautiful island who are looking to train, enjoy our classes, or supplement their stay on Maui with a fantastic fitness center and community. We have daily and weekly passes available for all visitors that include complimentary cycle, yoga, and fitness classes, and access to all of our facility during business hours. For first time visitors, our day passes are $20 and our weekly passes are $70 per person. We encourage you to register with us as we do offer discounts to returning visitors who are in our database. 



-- Maui's Only Complete Fitness Center Designed to Assist You in All of Your Fitness Pursuits --


Spacious Well Equipped Gym Floor

Maui Powerhouse Gym has a smartly designed four-room floor plan that is organized to help you move from exercise to exercise quickly. Our front room features a 1,200 sq ft multi-functional training turf, with two stand alone spin bikes and Rogue Assault Bikes for those looking to simulate a CrossFit workout experience on their own. The front room also features thirty separate cardio machines, each with their own TV monitor. In addition, the front room is home for our two Concept 2 Rowers, two Matrix 7 series ClimbMills, a Matrix S-Drive, and our leg strength selectorized and plate loaded equipment. 

Our Backroom, constructed in 2014, is our weight room that is fully loaded with fifty individual workout stations that are organized and separated by regions of your body. Alongside these workout stations are a ten more cardio machines of several types. The Backroom also has a semi-private workout nook for stretching or more secluded exercise away from the rest of the center. 

Complementary Services

Maui Powerhouse Gym provides our members and guests over 50 complimentary group fitness classes per week, towel service, showers, locker rooms, plenty of free parking,  and Wi-fi access.   Our cardio equipment all have individual tv/audio allowing our members/guests to choose what they want to watch while working out.  * On-site child care service is available for an additional fee.

Wide Array of Classes  

Maui Powerhouse Gym offers our members and guests a wide variety of complimentary group fitness classes. Each group fitness class is lead by an instructor who is an expert and certified in their field of group instruction. Members and guests who attend classes will be receiving a specialized workout in a comfortable and friendly environment, joined by others experiencing the same wonderful fitness regimen. Small Group Training programs as well as Individual Personal Training services are available to members and guests for an additional fee.


Premium Memberships Available


3 Month Paid in Full Membership

6 month Paid in Full Membership

Yearly Paid in Full Membership

Month to Month Memberships

Family Membership

Employer Or Corporate Membership

Past or Current Military Membership


Short Term Membership Rates


Single Class Drop In - $10

Daily Passes - $20

One Week Passes - $70

Two Week Passes - $105

Three Week Pass - $120

One Month Pass - $140

Two Month Pass - $190

Three Month Pass - $260