Say goodbye to soreness, stiffness, and aches at our gym. Trigger Point: A Life-Changer! 🌟 Treatments include trigger muscle therapy and cupping, recommended by our whole staff. Book an appointment with @trotbot today and discover the transformative power of this. Curious but unsure? T will give you a quick demo— it's free and feels soooo goooodddd (even with a sprinkle of pain!). Take care of yourself, you won't regret it. 💯✨ #MauisBestGym #MuscleTherapy #TriggerPointTherapy #CuppingTherapy #FitnessMaui #FitnessHawaii 📸: @darrenkfryer

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I am thrilled to announce that I will now be offering 30-minute Mitt Hold sessions tailored to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether your objective is to improve your physique, relieve stress through mitt work, learn proper mitt-hitting techniques, or even delve into the world of martial arts, I am here to assist you. With a wealth of experience in holding mitts for professionals, high-level amateurs, and beginners, I am well-equipped to meet your specific needs.

To secure your spot, feel free to reach out to me through Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, or text message. I am more than happy to address any inquiries you may have regarding pricing and other details. However, please note that spots are limited, so be sure to contact me soon to reserve your spot.
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Sweat, Smile, and Soar: Fuel your summer fitness journey and embrace the best version of you here at #MauiPowerhouseGym! 🌴🌊💥 #SummerGains #EyeOnThePrize #MauiFitness 📸: @darrenkfryer
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How to Activate Your Active and Fit Membership


  • Kaiser Active and Fit Rewards Members

  • This is the program where you pay $200 up front, check in at the gym 45 times over the course of the calendar year, and then are reimbursed the $200 if you hit that mark. Does that describe your program? If so, then these instructions are for you!
  • (1) Go to
  • (2) Create your account and select Maui Powerhouse Gym as your gym (Yay! Thank you for choosing us!)
  • (3) Pay them the $200 annual payment.
  • (4) You will receive your Fitness ID#. You do not need to bring this to the gym, just let us know that you got yours.
  • (5) Come to the gym to finish your sign up process by registering with at the Front Desk.


  • Active and Fit Direct, Active and Fit NOW

  • These instructions are for every other program that is not Kaiser Active and Fit Rewards. If you have: HMSA, UHA, HMAA, USAA, AAA, or any other provider that provides Active and Fit membership eligibility then these instructions are for YOU. (Notable Exceptions NOT Covered: VA, Medicare, QUEST, United Healthcare.)
  • Why Are Instructions Different? Because the site is set up for Kaiser members, it often does not recognize the eligibility of non-Kaiser members without a web cookie from the clicking the referral link. You can try going directly and if it doesn’t work then follow these instructions. 
  • (1) Login to your HEALTH PROVIDER’S ONLINE PORTAL (,, for example).
  • (2) Scroll down and look for the link or banner that says “Active and Fit,” or something like, “Do you want to join a gym?,” or some other similar sounding language that mentions ACTIVE AND FIT. Found it? Click that.
  • (3) Clicking this link or banner on your health provider’s website will redirect you to
  • (4) Create and register an account on, then select Maui Powerhouse Gym as your gym
  • (5) They will charge you an amount (often $75) that will include (a) a $25 registration fee and (b) your first two month’s payments ($50). Pay that, please. 
  • (6) Upon payment, you will receive your Fitness ID number, which is important to signing you up at the gym. You don’t have to memorize it but if you keep the email they sent you or print it out then it makes signup go just a little bit faster!
  • (7) Come to the gym to finish your sign up process by registering with at the Front Desk.