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Elevating Your Fitness Journey in Maui: A Comprehensive Look at Maui Powerhouse Gym


Embarking on a fitness journey while soaking in the beauty of Maui? Look no further than Maui Powerhouse Gym, the premier destination for travelers and locals alike seeking to elevate their workout experience. This gym not only boasts an impressive selection of equipment and classes but also offers unique programs and amenities that set it apart. And those whispers are true that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson counts it among his favorite gyms, you’re in for a world-class experience.

MPHG member Hannah gets a pump in during a Power45 HIIT class

Why Maui Powerhouse Gym is Unmatched

– Accessible Location: Perfectly situated, Maui Powerhouse Gym offers easy access from all major tourist spots and accommodations, making it a hassle-free addition to your Maui adventure.
– Cutting-Edge Equipment: Catering to every fitness level and preference, the gym is outfitted with the latest in cardio, strength, and functional training equipment.
– Diverse Fitness Programs: Beyond traditional gym offerings, Maui Powerhouse Gym shines with its world-class cycle program at The Studio Maui, ensuring no two classes are alike. The fitness program is comprehensive, featuring yoga, Pilates, aerobics, full-body fitness, and specialty classes focused on targeted areas like arms, abs, and glutes.

– Martial Arts and Dance: For those looking to mix up their routine, the gym is also home to The Kihei Boxing Academy, Boogyman Muay Thai, and the MVME Empowered Dance troupe, offering a blend of fitness and artistry.
– Round-the-Clock Access: Catering to night owls and early birds alike, the gym operates 24 hours a day, with brief closures only on Friday and Saturday nights, from midnight to 5 am.
Ongoing Improvement: Maui Powerhouse Gym is committed to growth and enhancement, constantly updating its facilities and programs to offer the best experience.
– Family-Friendly Amenities: With a hyper-affordable kids club program, children can enjoy socializing and engaging activities under careful supervision, allowing parents to focus on their workouts.

Elevating Your Workout Experience

The Studio Maui: A Cyclist’s Dream

At the heart of Maui Powerhouse Gym’s unique offerings is The Studio Maui, hosting a premier cycle program where variety and challenge meet. Every class brings something new, ensuring your workout remains engaging and effective.

Comprehensive Fitness Programs

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the gym’s extensive fitness programs cater to all. From relaxing yoga sessions to high-energy aerobics and targeted fitness classes, there’s something to meet every goal and interest.

Martial Arts and Dance

Dive into the world of martial arts with classes from The Kihei Boxing Academy and Boogyman Muay Thai, or express yourself with the MVME Empowered Dance troupe. These programs offer a unique way to stay fit while exploring new skills and passions.

Convenience and Accessibility

With 24/7 access, the gym accommodates even the busiest schedules, ensuring you never have to miss a workout. The brief weekend closing hours are a small pause in an otherwise non-stop fitness offering.

A Growing and Evolving Facility

Maui Powerhouse Gym is not static; it’s a dynamic space that evolves to meet the needs of its members, ensuring the facilities and programs remain top-notch.

Family Inclusion

The kids club program exemplifies the gym’s commitment to family fitness, providing a safe and fun environment for children while parents work out.


Maui Powerhouse Gym stands out as not just a gym but a comprehensive fitness community, offering unmatched variety, accessibility, and quality. Its unique blend of traditional and innovative fitness programs, coupled with martial arts, dance, and family-friendly amenities, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to maintain or start their fitness journey in Maui. Whether you’re inspired by the possibility of working out in one of The Rock’s favorite gyms or simply looking for a top-tier fitness experience, Maui Powerhouse Gym is the place to be. With round-the-clock access, a commitment to excellence, and a constantly evolving array of offerings, it’s more than a gym—it’s a gateway to your best self on the beautiful island of Maui.