And The TRaining ZOne


Personal training is the fastest (and safest) way to achieve results. Maui Powerhouse Gym will help to match you with the professional, experienced trainer of your choice.

Together, and with the trainer’s professional knowledge and experience, you and your trainer will work together to create a custom individualized fitness program. Your trainer will guide you, will motivate you, support you, hold you accountable, and keep your momentum going as you work to achieve and surpass your goals. Maui Powerhouse Gym is full of all of the cutting-edge fitness equipment you could ever use to achieve your fitness goals; personal training at Maui Powerhouse Gym provides you with the professional wisdom necessary to achieve them.

The personal trainers are professional contractors with their own professional backgrounds, businesses, and training who have been approved to perform their services at Maui Powerhouse Gym. All personal trainers who operate at Maui Powerhouse Gym maintain their own professional training, continuing education, and liability insurance. Personal trainers are not employees of Maui Powerhouse Gym.

The Training Zone


our virtual training, nutrition, and coaching platform Right on your phone


With The Training Zone, you will be able to work together with the certified personal trainer of your choice at the convenience of your own time. 

Once inside The Training Zone, you will receive expert advice and guidance from accomplished professional trainers . Working with your chosen trainer you will tailor your goals accordingly. Are you looking for an expertly focused workout regimen for a specific goal? Or, do you want to change the way you work out, the way you eat, and the way you feel?  

New You – $300 /Month (Recommended Three Month Minimum Commitment)


You Are Changing Everything Up: You are ready to change your life and we are going to do just that. The New You program will help you create healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits to reach your goals and maintain your progress going forward. You are going to start a progressive customized workout plan that will change according to your personal goals, your progress, and your trainer’s expertise. Each week, you will work closely with your trainer to track your food intake, and chart your diet and nutrition. We are going to teach you to understand Macronutrients and how to follow them closely, as we monitor and adjust them together. With the dietary tools and education, a dynamic and customized workout schedule, constant contact with your trainer (plus their help and support), New You members are being set up for health and wellness success for life, but it starts with creating the NEW YOU that you want!

Transformations – $200 /Month (Recommended Three Month Commitment)


You’re Committed, You Have Goals, You’re Ready to Go…Let’s Do This: This is going to be exciting! The Transformations plan starts with a personally customized day-by-day workout regimen specifically targeting your fitness goals (and some other things you didn’t think about). Transformation Members work closely with their trainer to create an effective and targeted fitness plan that will challenges you as it takes your fitness to the next level. To guide your nutritional component of training, along with the Healthy Eating Guide (above) your trainer will create a targeted monthly calorie goal, and a specific daily macronutrients breakdown to follow on your own. Transformation members meet their trainer for a monthly consultation to review training progress, food logs, nutrition guidance, and adjustments towards overall goal progress. Nutrition consultations will address food suggestions and nutrition guidance, and macronutrients may be adjusted for more effective performance and results.

Targeted Performance Workouts- $35 /Month


With Targeted Performance Workouts, your trainer will guide you on a personally tailored four-week workout plan specifically focusing on your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Suggestions include: 4 Week Beginner’s Lifting Program (Upper Body, Lower Body, or Both), 4 Week Legs Program, 4 Week Abs Strength Program, 4 Week Chest and Back Program, and so on. Along with your tailored workout plan you will be given our Healthy Eating Guide outlining nutritional principles, serving suggestions, healthy snack concepts and frequent dietary remedies to best support your training. In addition to your TPS plan, to achieve better results, Targeted Performance Series members will work with their trainer to tailor a target calorie goal as a baseline for their nutritional needs during their time in The Training Zone. When combined, your workout plan and these dietary tools provided will bring efficient and sustainable results.